This is "Breathe", the sixth track of Thank You George's song writing and production project The World is Mine. Please follow the ongoing evolution of the song on this website.


First recorded in November 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand

"Breathe" is about another observation I made while traveling. It's about the way people meet and about the very specific selection process they all take part in and through which they choose some of their fellow travelers as their (temporary) friends, partners in crime, lovers or disciples, while ignoring, or even openly rejecting others. Due to the fact that everybody meets for a very short period of time, the whole putting-people-into-boxes-thing happens a lot faster than in the real world. And escaping these boxes is a lot harder, too.

This system gives an edge those who are easy to read and happy with the box they are usually put in. You probably know the types: the hippies with their rastas and self-made jewelry, the surfers with their muscles and tattoos, the party-thirsty backpackers, the outdoorsy nature-lovers, the posh holiday makers with their suit cases who didn't know what a bucket shower was and who are now sitting in the guesthouse's common area, visibly shocked. The process seems straightforward and it is. Yet it leaves out the people that are not that easy to read. And that is unfortunate because they are usually the ones with the interesting stories. And the listening-skills. More often than not they step into a new place and are suddenly being compared and judged and weighed. And like in a supermarket the obvious, the easy, the well-packaged, the loud and the confident items are being picked over the shy and quiet ones.

As you can imagine, I observed this system more than once. And I think it's fair to say that depending on the situation, the surrounding, my mood, the time I had already spent in that country, etc. I assumed different roles at different times. Still, as we were traveling as a couple I believe that we were both not really for sale, at least not as individuals. Anyway. I found the whole thing quite eerie. So when I had overcome the involuntary creative break I was going through in the beginning of 2017 (read more on that here) I put together a few notes I had written on the subject and turned them into the lyrics for a an instrumental piece I had written, arranged and recorded a few months ago.


From Song writing to arrangement to production

June 2017: The World Is Mine - An EP In Progress

About this version

When listening to this version of the song you will find that its arrangement didn't change compared to the version published in April. Actually the only differences lie in the mix and master of the preliminary track (which were both done on the same recordings).

Change log

  • Mixing the track
  • Mastering the track (curtesy of Kiezkojote's Toby Lelushko)

April 2017: Ableton Live Mixdown

About this version

I wrote the music for "Breathe" when I stayed in Bangkok for ten days in early November. Through my Thai-friend Tui I found a rehearsal room at this cultural centre called Brownstone. There I properly re-recorded and mixed the songs the project "The World Is Mine" had brought to life up until that point. And I played around with some ideas, looking for additional songs.

Originally I wanted "Breathe" to work as an intsrumental outro that would follow after the song "Chains" and round off the playlist of a potential release. Therefore I worked out a full Ableton Live setup simlutaneously to writing the music. The harmonies resemble those of "Float", changed just enough to work with the main theme of "Chains".

Together, "Breathe" and "Float" make a suitable frame with one of them working as the first, the other one working as the last song of a playlist. However, when going through the songs and materials in mid-March we decided we should rather turn it into a full-grown song. Thus I wrote enough lyrics so that the song could stand on its own as well.

Change log

  • Recording the lead acoustic guitar
  • Recording the vocals and a choir arrangement
  • Adding sound effects
  • Adding electronic beats


Are you not tired of them leaving
You behind up on your shelve
For all those days now

They've bought the other people's stories
While you've been busy doubting yourself
And now the store's closed

Just don't lose hope
And calm your thoughts
As they bounce off the walls

And just breathe in
And just breathe out